By Quin Hillyer at The American Spectator blog;

For well over a year now, I’ve noticed a strange and disturbing phenomenon: Almost without exception, leading writers and analysts who are not fans of Donald Trump may come down harshly on Trump, but not on his supporters, and indeed often make clear that they are specifically not intending to cast aspersions on Trump’s supporters — but Trump fans do not reciprocate the respect. Instead, Trump fans attack Trump critics personally, questioning their motives, integrity, or character, or otherwise directly insulting them rather than just taking issue with their viewpoint.

Alas, George Neumayr’s recent attack on George Will here at TAS falls into that category. The attack is utterly unwarranted.


According to Neumayr, Will’s “insults” of Trump are “desperate,” they are “gasped,” and they show “intemperance.” More insultingly — and, frankly, beneath the level of discourse that should apply here at TAS — Neumayr calls the venerable Will “a ninny and snob to the end,” with “delicate” ears…..

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