Jeb Bush, Common Core cronie$, Pearson, PARCC, and your kids’ privacy, by Michelle Malkin

Obama’s rude snub of Netanyahu, by Jennifer Rubin

Wanted: A budget-cutting president, by Donald Lambro

Israeli Voters: Bibi Yes, Barack No!, by Deroy Murdock

Here are some important “straight news” (i.e., not opinion) stories:

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus urges lawmakers not to slow production of littoral combat ships, by Michael Finch II

Bobby Jindal unveils plan to rid Louisiana of Common Core; governor says he’ll back legislation that creates new process to adopting education standards, by Will Sentell

… and from the thoughtful left, worth reading only if you ignore the hints of “moral equivalence” and just concentrate on the main message about the importance of archeology:

What the Islamic State’s Destruction of Antiquities Means to Archaeologists, by Amy Gazin-Schwartz