Hillary’s email explanation is self-contradictory – here’s how (#TurnOverTheServer), by William A. Jacobson

Metastasizing troubles back home make a presidential run a laughable prospect
, by Scott McKay

Consumer Product Safety Commission Fails to Adhere to Guidelines During Process of Phthalate Alternative Rulemaking, by National Center for Public Policy Research,… which is techno-speak for this:Ebenezer Scrooge lives: Some of our bureaucrats have too much time on their hands, by Washington Times Editorial Board

Former Rep. Steve Driehaus loses libel lawsuit against the Susan B. Anthony List, by Eugene Volokh

….and from the thoughtful center-left:

American College Students Spend Less Time on Academic Pursuits Than All But One European Country, by Josipa Roksa and Richard Arum

…and from the world of sports:

Syracuse vs. Georgetown: What the Headlines Don’t Tell Us, by Edward R. Grant


Ditto Edward Grant’s Piece on College Sports, by Quin Hillyer

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