Libertarians Are Pro-Market, Not Pro-Business, by David S. D’Amato;

First Aaron Burr, Now Jack Lew, by Richard Brookhiser;

The Creepy Consequences of Oppression Chic, by Michelle Malkin;

and two takes at National Review on the Obama administration’s heavy-handed, obnoxious, nanny-state-on-steroids decision to make trans-fats illegal:

What the Trans Fat Ban really means, by David Harsanyi;

Terrorists and Criminals Yes, Trans Fats No, by Deroy Murdock;

(I would add this: Who would have thought, in 1975, that a basic ingredient used in most brownie mixes would be made illegal, while at the same time government moves closer and closer to fully legalizing marijuana brownies without the fat? I’m not exactly, well, high on this logic.)

… and finally, from the thoughtful Center-Left, this is sort of dry, but it’s the kind of creative thinking our health care system needs: Strengthening risk protection through private long-term care insurance, by Wesley Yin