First, this cannot be stated strongly enough: The battles over religious liberty, in Indiana and elsewhere, are far more important in principle than the individual issues within each skirmish. If freedoms of religion, conscience, and association go out the window, we’re doomed. In that light, here are two pieces responding to the Indiana mess:

Freedom of Association is Burned at the Stake in Indiana, by Deroy Murdock,



Can’t I Support Gays and Religious Freedom?, by Ross Kaminsky.

Now, speaking of scary religious developments, why is the U.S. Government supporting jihad?: America’s Academies for Jihad, by Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

(By the way, for you Mobilians, a tremendous expert on Islam and jihad lives right here. Dr. Norman McCrummen gives one heck of a powerful presentation. If you have a group and want to hear him, look him up!)

Now, onto other subjects….

Hillary Clinton is Going to Have to Testify…., news feature by Brent Scher, Washington Free Beacon.

Why Isn’t Jeb Bush running away with it?, by Jennifer Rosen.

Common Core is Unpopular in Louisiana…., news story by Julia O’Donoghue, the Times-Picayune.

… and finally, from the thoughtful center-Left:

The entrepreneurial revolution in health care, by Jonathan Rauch.


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