(Oct. 23) If the establishment media did its job, here are questions reporters would be asking Joe Biden about his family’s rampant overseas profiteering:

Why did you take your son Hunter on Air Force Two to China in 2013, just before he inked a deal worth up to $1.5 billion for the business venture he joined?
Hunter Biden and his business partner Devon Archer had been engaged in an increasingly complicated web of financial ties with Chinese entities, many of them owned or controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, since at least 2010. Your son had no official diplomatic reason to accompany you on the trip, which involved apparently uncomfortable negotiations of yours with Chinese leaders. He arranged a “photo-op” with you and one of his main business contacts during the trip. How could you possibly not see his presence there, obviously pursuing business deals or the “social” niceties that attend such deals, as compromising to your own diplomatic position vis-a-vis the Chinese government, whose direct financial subsidiaries already were entangled with your son’s various enterprises? You already had met (off the books) at the White House with Chinese Communist Party officials, who secured access directly through Hunter’s intervention in 2011 — a delegation led by a man whose business with Hunter and Archer would be advanced by the 2013 Air Force Two trip.

Why did you meet in the White House with Archer, the felonious partner in most of your son’s foreign business dealings, including those in China, two months after you became the Obama administration’s point man on Ukrainian policy, two days after Archer became a board member for the Burisma energy company, and the same day Burisma made more than $100,000 in payments to the firm of Archer and your son? This meeting came one week before you met with Ukraine’s prime minister and less than a month before Hunter joined Burisma’s board despite having no relevant experience?
How could you not be concerned about the compromising position in which this visit put you and American diplomacy toward Ukraine? Note: Even Christopher Heinz, the stepson of then-Secretary of State John Kerry and the frequent business partner of Archer and your son, formally separated himself from the Burisma entanglement because it so obviously looked like a conflict of interest on the very day Hunter joined the board. How could you, as vice president, have lower standards than Heinz, an outside businessman? And how can that timeline — all those elements — be entirely coincidental while you claim you had no knowledge of your son’s business dealings even as the media began immediately asking the State Department about the potential conflict of interest?…

KEY POINT: This story isn’t about a wastrel son. It’s about the damage Joe Biden allowed his family to do to the credibility of U.S. foreign policy….


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