(May 3)  At Columbia University, the appalling abuses against Jews and impositions upon thousands of innocent students have been ongoing for seven full months, worse than the public understands, while the school’s administration obstinately refused to deter the aggressors.

The protesters are either pawns of or part of a well-oiled national movement that is Maoist in orientation and fully supportive of the attacks, rapes, baby-baking, torture, and murders committed by Hamas on Oct. 7.

Those are my takeaways from a May 2 interview with Ran Kivetz, a 24-year veteran at Columbia as a professor of behavioral economics and marketing, along with copious supporting documents and videos he provided. The evidence shows the “protesters” as either ignorant or malevolent or both, with the malevolence sometimes bleeding straight into evil. The administration, especially university president Minouche Shafik, looks both weak and morally benighted, unable to distinguish right from wrong and too willing to give verbal succor to the latter.

Again, those are my judgments, not Kivetz’ specific words. Then again, his specific words are rather strong — and, from the evidence presented, quite justified.

“A small coup of professors, tenured and untenured, and radicalized students, radicalized by these professors and outside groups, have engaged in verbal, violent, discriminatory, harassing conduct and even physical violence,” Kivetz said. “In support of terrorism. Undermining the United States with Marxist messages, with Marxist propaganda. They have used Israel and antisemitism as the beachhead, as the excuse. This has been since Oct. 12 — not just last week or in the last month, not even since after Israel entered Gaza, but since Oct. 12 … Calling on the Houthis to shoot American servicewomen and mean worldwide, calling for the death and the destruction and the burning of Tel Aviv.”

And, again he stressed, “We’re talking about Oct. 12, way before Israel entered Gaza. On Oct. 12, Israel was still searching and collecting and trying to identify body parts. Heads and heart and livers that Hamas had taken out.”…. [The full column is at this link.]


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