Two more pieces on bad news from universities.

Half of college kids aren’t just radical; they flat-out can’t think straight (Sept. 25):  EXCLUSIVE — A new survey sponsored by Yale University’s Buckley Institute shows again that disturbing majorities of college students have no appreciation for liberty and, worse, that they can’t even think logically.

The national poll of collegians by McLaughlin and Associates, was given to me exclusively to report on more than 24 hours before the Institute even released it.

The results of last year’s Buckley Institute survey left me so “bile-filled” that I wrote that “today’s college students are proto-totalitarian ignoramuses” because 51% of the surveyed collegians would not necessarily look askance at “physical violence” being used to prevent the airing of views they find “hateful.” This year, that number is up to 53% (with a record 45% agreeing violence might be OK and another 8% unsure).

And this year, for the first time in the nine years of the survey, a plurality agrees it’s OK to shout down a speaker (with another 10% not willing to rule it out). For the first time ever, an outright majority, 51% to 38%, favors “speech codes” to regulate expression on campus….

George Mason University suffers from DEI virus, and worse (Official Washington Examiner editorial, Oct. 1): Every week comes another account of a college or university establishing reigning orthodoxies of divisive leftism and then denying the obvious. The latest profile in dishonesty is Virginia’s George Mason University. It is trying to dodge well-founded criticism by the conservative Heritage Foundation.

On Sept. 21, Heritage released a paper called “The Dangerous DEI Bloat at Virginia’s Public Universities.” DEI stands for “diversity, equity, and inclusion.” The paper said Virginia taxpayer-funded universities have proportionally larger DEI bureaucracies than those in any other state. Heritage noted that GMU had the highest ratio of DEI workers to tenure-track faculty of any public college in America. …


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