Old-School college football, minus the pomp, at old Tulane (Sept. 2). 

When Tulane, ignoring law, let Jim Harbaugh get away (Sept. 3).

For one week, these Saints were in crazy heaven (Sept. 10). New Orleans Saints fans are accustomed to zany events, and to heartbreak. They aren’t accustomed to zany triumphs. But that, blessedly, is what they got in the Superdome in Monday night’s season opener, with the Saints blowing a game they seemed to have in hand, only to then win after they seemed to have lost….

Nadal’s breathtaking win turns next year into must-watch tennis (Sept. 9). 

Helen Blackwell: the conservative as ‘liberator,’ with warmth to spare (Sept. 12). Helen Reddy Blackwell, whose life will be memorialized Saturday, was one of the great ladies of the conservative movement. More than half a century of her work in the conservative vineyards never dimmed her principles, her effectiveness, or her graciousness.Way back in 1963, the name Helen Reddy appeared on the masthead of a Tulane University campus conservative journal, the Liberator….

T. Boone Pickens embodied entrepreneurship as a virtue (Sept. 11).

Was Israel spying? Or was the StingRay story an anti-Bibi sting? (Sept. 14). Note: The Drudge Report picked up and ran this one.

Biden had the debate’s most humanly impressive answer (Sept. 12). 

FEC’s (liberally biased) Weintraub has long overstayed her welcome (Sept. 3). 

Boston Fed chief is right to call Trump’s bluff (Sept. 4). 

Trump is hurting the military so he can build his wall (Sept. 5).  President Trump is wrong on both legal and policy grounds to divert $3.6 billion from already approved military construction projects for use instead in building his vaunted “wall” on the Mexican border. Somebody with legal standing should file suit to stop him. It’s not that the wall is a bad idea. It’s that Trump is exceeding his appropriate powers in funding it without congressional appropriation. It’s also that the projects from which he is taking the funds are important for national security and for military personnel.

Political dynasties, including a Trump dynasty, are just a bad idea (Sept. 10).



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