Two columns by Quin on the Left’s extremism. For each full column, click on the link in the respective headlines.

GOP will benefit from backlash to ‘cancel culture’ (Aug. 26):

Two Kentuckians used Night Two of the Republican National Convention to hit a theme that will drive a backlash against the Democrats this fall, second only to appeals to law and order.

The backlash will be against “cancel culture” and its close cousin “enforced expression,” both of which involve mobs trying to dictate opinion by telling people either what they cannot say or what they must espouse. To be fair, both sides are, to some extent, guilty of both sins. But with the leftist street mobs and the establishment media both extravagantly attacking conservatives (and centrists) in these ways, the backlash will redound to the benefit of Republicans, against the so-called progressive party Democrats.

The theme against cancel culture has arisen in multiple speeches at the Republican convention, but the two speeches that best drove it home were by Kentuckians Nicholas Sandmann and Daniel Cameron. Sandmann was the student at the national March for Life rally who was slandered by numerous major media outlets for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat while a Native American activist banged a drum in his face. Cameron is Kentucky’s attorney general and the first African American to hold that position.

Sandmann described how the “full war machine of the mainstream media revved up into attack mode” against him based on incorrect reporting….

Leftist riots will help Trump be re-elected (Aug. 28): Trump has an edge, despite all his off-putting behavior that has made him thoroughly unlikable, even detestable, to an unusually large number of voters. His advantage is that he is blessed with opponents so in hock to its increasingly hard-left “base” that it continues to encourage “protests” even when the streets of major cities have been in flames for weeks. Hate-spewing thugs harass innocent diners while the crime rate soars in cities that won’t support their police, but Democratic activists are so besotted with their “America is inherently racist” line that they can’t see ordinary people recoil at the anarchy.

Meanwhile, the Democrats’ presidential candidate won’t leave his basement, and his vice presidential candidate was one of the least effective presidential aspirants imaginable….



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