Here, I review the wonderful speech that U.S. appeals court judge Janice Rogers Brown made at the Heritage Foundation a few weeks ago. As part of my summation of Judge Brown’s main points, I wrote:

Judges must defer most avidly not to the legislative or executive branches but to the Constitution that rightly governs them all — specifically because that Constitution was crafted to impose limits on the rulers themselves, because it was crafted with a due sense of the fallibility of all men, including those who would rule others.

Too often, Brown said, self-proclaimed elites try to create a government that tries to”force citizens to be neutral, tolerant, egalitarian, and open-minded.” But, she said. “This is where I think deference to the enlightened elite will take us — to a sterile, secular, uniformly dull, and featureless vision of the future.”

Please enjoy my column. Or watch her whole speech, here.