(June 4, by Quin)  President Joe Biden’s tone-deaf new executive order purporting to reduce illegal immigration is one more example of why he does not deserve another term, notwithstanding that his opponent, former President Donald Trump, also belongs nowhere near the Oval Office.

The order itself is devoid of logic. It will shut down asylum requests at the border if they average more than 2,500 at official ports of entry, but reopen them if the number drops below 1,500. But why, pray tell, should Biden allow up to 2,500 daily to start with, or restart allowances to keep them above 1,500? Why should he allow a single person to enter “without papers” at all?

If the point is that the system is overwhelmed, then why not order that all new border requests be blocked until the system clears the backlog created by Biden having let nearly 10 million — repeat, 10 million — into the country in just over three years?

Then again, why invite the unprecedented, Noah-size flood of illegal migrants in the first place? What is it about left-wing ideology that requires a fetish for a permanent class of untraceable residents, including a large number of violent criminals, within our borders? Even if Biden wanted to show some supposedly “humanitarian” instincts by unilaterally loosening a few immigration restrictions, why go so astonishingly overboard?

Deliberate decisions to go overboard from the port side of the ideological spectrum, though, have become Biden’s standard practice. After campaigning in 2019 and 2020 as a relative “centrist” promising a return to at least semi-normal governance after Trump’s four years of divisive drama, all Biden had to do was chart a nonradical course somewhat left of, say, former President Bill Clinton. Biden didn’t campaign on promises to radically change American culture, but only to soberly pursue a semi-liberal-infused version of good governance. Instead, he announced as he was taking office that, despite the closeness and discord of his election, he now aimed to be the “most progressive” president in history. To his great discredit, that’s how he has tried to govern….. [The full column is at this link.]


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