(April 5) Joe Biden is running the most uncompromisingly left-wing presidency in history.

Some of us never thought we would see another president as far left as Barack Obama, but Biden fits the bill. The difference is that Obama sometimes would approve negotiations with Republicans. The man he usually chose to do the negotiating was Biden, who (for example) approved a key deal to keep annual appropriations in check. But Biden doesn’t have his own Biden to send, and obviously, he doesn’t want one.

Biden’s extreme leftism is manifest on matters across the board, but let’s just concentrate on fiscal policy.

With the federal government’s drop-dead date for debt default getting ever nearer, Biden refuses even to meet and discuss Republican concerns and suggestions, much less actually start negotiating a deal. The recklessness of his brinkmanship is obscene. Biden himself says that failure to raise the debt limit “would be a disaster for the economy, internationally.” Yet he won’t even meet with duly elected Republicans, who comprise a House majority and control “the power of the purse,” to prevent it from happening.

Biden is not just putting the nation’s economy at risk but also thumbing his nose at the substantial majority of U.S. voters who chose Republican representation. He is doing so after already adding an astonishing $3.3 trillion to the national debt in just two years and proposing more than $14 trillion more in debt over the next decade. He is doing so despite proposing to raise taxes by $4.7 trillion and despite planning to cut defense spending to the lowest percentage of the whole economy in history….

Fiscal and financial disaster is percolating. And this is already on top of the highest sustained inflation in more than 40 years, a situation even prominent Democratic economists say is largely attributable to Biden’s spending binges atop the earlier binge under President Donald Trump…. [The full column is here.]