(Sept. 28) I was going to write about the sheer cowardice shown by President Joe Biden in his astonishing , repeated avoidance of press questions except under the most tightly controlled conditions.

I couldn’t get inspired to finish it. Why? Because compared to everything else Biden is doing wrong, his hiding from the press seems the least of our worries. This presidency already is so awful as to be frightening.

Observers from friendly foreign nations are now openly accusing Biden of “serious mental decline ,” and they may be right. When Biden does act deliberately and decisively, though, he makes matters far worse, often in direct opposition to real U.S. interests. Even those of us who warned that Biden was no centrist, but rather from the very liberal Ted Kennedy branch of the Democratic Party, took comfort in the idea that he would serve as a check on the full-fledged radical Left. But now, he is governing as a radical lefty.

The old Biden insisted that illegal immigration should be forcefully opposed, even by use of a wall , and that “no great country can say it is secure without being able to control its borders.” Now, through multiple statements and policy choices, he has deliberately encouraged the most massive flood of illegal immigrants in our history, all while falsely vilifying border agents who were just doing their jobs.

The Biden of just a few months ago insisted he would never allow scenes reminiscent of the U.S. Embassy’s helicopter escape from Vietnam in 1975.  Instead, as we have seen, Biden ignored his own generals’ advice by insisting on a precipitous withdrawal from Afghanistan that was arguably far worse and potentially far more destabilizing for long-term U.S. interests.

The old Biden, the one who ran in the Democratic primaries in 2019-20, repeatedly insisted that major legislation should require serious efforts to bring Republicans to the table. Today’s Biden pushes the most far-reaching, expensive, and policy-radical budget bill in U.S. history by trying to force it through with only Democratic support via the barest majority arithmetically possible…. [The full column is at this link.]


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