Two column about a bizarre decision by Biden to drop a program that stopped intellectual property theft and espionage. (Links to full columns within each headline.)

Biden dismantles a key program for national security (Feb. 23):

President Joe Biden’s decision to dismantle a successful program aimed at curbing Chinese IP theft and espionage is a jaw-dropping betrayal of common sense and of U.S. interests.

My colleague Tom Rogan explains at greater length more of the details of why the decision is so counterproductive, accurately calling it “a triumph of manifestly delusional ‘wokeness’ over exigent needs of national security.” And as reported by the Washington Examiner’s Jerry Dunleavy, Assistant Attorney General Matthew Olson said the “mere perception” that the so-called China Initiative was somehow driven by racial bias was reason enough to kill the program even though he saw no indication that bias had anything to do with it.

To abandon a crucial tool of national security because of an obviously mistaken “perception” is the epitome of leftist ideology run amuck. Never mind, as Dunleavy reported, that “numerous people have been convicted through the China Initiative,” which had targeted China’s “coordinated and multifaceted efforts to steal research and technology from the United States, with a particular focus on rooting out academics who concealed their ties to China.”…

Sen. Sasse wants to continue blocking Chinese perfidy (Feb. 24):  Republican Ben Sasse of Nebraska, perhaps the U.S. Senate’s foremost expert on Chinese threats to intellectual property and cybersecurity, is rightly aghast at President Joe Biden’s decision to abandon one of the best tools against those predations…. Sasse has long focused, hyperintensively, on these sorts of threats from China, explaining at great length in a 2019 interview with me that “China has a theory of how to weaponize our economic interdependence.” From his perches on the Senate Intelligence Committee and the Senate Judiciary Committee, he has pushed for tough action against Chinese perfidy on these fronts. So, after the administration’s decision yesterday, I reached out to Sasse for a response….


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