This meme of Biden behaving badly is getting old, but, alas, we have nearly three more years of it to come. For the full columns in each of these three pieces, follow the link embedded in each headline.

Biden’s new board against ‘disinformation’ cannot be allowed to survive (April 29): The Biden administration is now instituting a speech police program that sounds straight out of George Orwell’s dystopian 1984. Republicans on Capitol Hill are right to try to quash it.

Biden’s secretary of homeland security, Alejandro Mayorkas, has created a Disinformation Governance Board , putatively to “focus” on disinformation coming from Russia and on alleged misinformation from human smugglers about U.S. border policies. To head the new board, Mayorkas has appointed “disinformation expert” Nina Jankowicz. Alas, Ms. Jankowicz’s extremely disturbing record indicates she is as likely to spread disinformation than to counter it, all while she works to curb freedom of speech….

Bipartisan pushback continues against Biden’s bid to hobble charter schools (April 26):

President Joe Biden’s proposed regulatory change to restrict charter schools is now receiving even more well-deserved pushback — not just from conservatives but from the prominent center-left of the political spectrum.

Biden should start heeding the warnings, which now include a forceful one from former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg…. The new entry in the pro-charter conversation comes from Bloomberg, the former three-term mayor with the clout of a $70 billion net worth plus the massive forum of the eponymous Bloomberg News. His contentions, calling Biden’s proposal “bad politics and even worse policy,” are worth close attention. ….

Awful Biden rule would turn doctors into guillotiners (April 20): Imagine a government that tells a man his neighbors have a 3-year-old they have decided they can’t support financially or emotionally — and then tells the man he must take a machete and kill the child for everybody’s good.

The word “barbaric” would not even begin to describe the government’s position. The mere attempt to conscript this would be, incontrovertibly and in the full horror of the word, evil.

Yet that’s essentially what the Biden administration will be proposing when it moves to scrap a Trump administration rule protecting the conscience rights of medical personnel ….


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