(Sept. 18) It’s no wonder Betsy DeVos drives the Left nuts.

As the political Left goes all atwitter about a transgender-related issue that could massively help conservatives in this fall’s elections, the Education Department under DeVos follows the law quite reasonably — but in ways that tie the Left into knots, even as DeVos joins the same said as Martina Navratilova and other homosexual activists.

Witness the wedge DeVos is driving between gay activists and transgender agitators. It’s a wedge her department drove more deeply on Thursday night with a referral letter to the Justice Department. The letter requests a consequential investigation into seven Connecticut jurisdictions for allowing biological males to compete in girls’ sports.

Yet, lest anyone accuse DeVos and her team of anti-gay bigotry, the same department is siding with an Alabama high school girl who was denied a spot on a school squad specifically because she is a lesbian. One would think that would make the cultural Left happy, but no: The website Outsports is outraged at the audacity of DeVos distinguishing between a lesbian, whose case DeVos’s team is supporting, and boys trying to compete as girls, whose cause the department is opposing.

The administration is “sending a mixed message to America’s schools,” write Outsports’s Dawn Ennis. What’s wrong, she writes, is that DeVos is “once again using that telltale phrase relied upon by bigots, TERFs, and transphobes everywhere: biological sex.” (TERF apparently stands for trans-exclusionary radical feminist. Really.)

So, here we have the Left, which fancies itself the defender of science, furiously reacting against the indisputable science that there is such a thing as biological sex. Rather than being a recognition of basic reality, “biological sex” is now to be treated as a catchphrase for bigotry. Never mind the established and patently obvious fact, reconfirmed last week for the purposes of the Olympics by the Swiss Supreme Court, that biological males have massively higher amounts of testosterone (and almost always have significantly larger proportions of muscle mass) than females do…..

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