One and Three Quarters Cheers for the Late Mikhail Gorbachev (Aug. 31)

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Voters should never, ever forgive Democrats for the way they expanded the IRS (Aug. 15):

Congress has passed the Manchin-Schumer government-power-grab bill, but that shouldn’t mean we move on to the next thing. The public fury and political payback should continue, particularly against its provisions turning the IRS into an authoritarian leviathan.

The bill authorized the hiring of nearly 87,000 new IRS agents, with 14 times the amount of resources devoted to “enforcement” crackdowns as to currently lacking and desperately needed customer service. This literally should frighten us.

First, to be clear: This isn’t just about catching cheaters. Innocent, middle-class taxpayers get audited frequently — and the time, effort, and sometimes professional legal or accounting help needed to prove the original tax returns were correct can cost even more than the amount in dispute. The IRS doesn’t repay the taxpayer for the unjust harassment it metes out or the mistakes it makes. Even when the IRS is wrong, the system is rigged against taxpayers, with the IRS acting without transparency or accountability as (in effect) investigator, prosecutor, and judge. …

Dems risked their careers voting for the awful Manchin bill (Aug. 11)

Yes, there is quite a conservative case for Liz Cheney (Aug 10)

Manchin bill would make generic drugs a lot less available (Aug. 9)

Congress can aid in stopping rate of veterans’ suicides (Aug. 8)

Did coach in Oklahoma really deserve to be let go? (Aug. 8)


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