by Quin Hillyer;

An excerpt, from my latest faith-based reflection at PJ Media:

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

…..The sanctions imposed on Episcopalians by the Anglicans fall one step shy of formal disunion – but there are no visible signs that any ultimate rapprochement is likely, or even possible. Neither side is likely to budge, which means that when the three-years of sanctions are completed, it would be no surprise to see a formal separation.

I say: Get on with it, already. Rather than use the three years solely for what are likely to be fruitless efforts to find common ground, leaders on both sides should operate on dual tracks – one a last-gasp attempt at reconciliation; the other a concerted, well-constructed exploration of, and planning for, the details of disunion….

I think this is an important topic. Please read the rest of it, here.