Zero excuse for all Democrats to oppose ‘Parents Bill of Rights’ (March 30):  The national Democratic Party is waging a fierce and bizarre war against parents.

On March 24, House Republicans passed and sent to the Senate a simple, entirely commonsensical bill to ensure parents’ right to know about and comment on the policies, budgets, and curricula of their schools. They passed it over the unanimous (repeat, unanimous) opposition of every Democrat who voted. Let’s be direct: Not a single good reason exists to oppose the Parents Bill of Rights Act…..

Washington State tramples parents during transgender fetishism (April 16):  Washington, on April 12, passed a bill regarding children’s gender transitions that borders on unadulterated evil. It must not stand.

Essentially, the bill allows licensed youth shelters to harbor a child against parents’ wishes while proceeding with sex-change procedures or abortions. Put another way, not only will parents have no say in the life-altering decision of girls and boys to defy their biological gender (or to kill a human life), but the children can be kept away from their parents and homes….

Supreme Court, in cowardly fashion, runs away from transgender case (April 6): 

The political Left keeps accusing the Supreme Court of being the phalanx of crusading right-wingers, yet all but two justices keep embracing Chief Justice John Roberts’s preference for avoiding tough decisions as long as possible.

Today, only Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito argued against punting away an important decision about males participating in women’s or girls sports . Thomas and Alito made their case well, while the other seven issued no explanation…..

Parents don’t know Missouri teachers are trained in leftist-racist cultishness (April 12):  Supporting material in a lawsuit by two Missouri teachers shows their school district’s “required” training that is labeled as “anti-racist” is actually hateful, radical and, by any reasonable definition, racist to the core.

Henderson, et. Al. v. School District of Springfield is a case wherein the teachers allege their speech was unconstitutionally compelled; but let’s focus on the underlying dispute about teacher training rather than navigating the thicket of First Amendment law. The required material is appalling……

Even Colonial Williamsburg goes ‘woke’ (April 11): The national treasure that is Colonial Williamsburg is on the brink of joining James Madison ’s Montpelier and other cultural institutions that have embraced “woke,” political-racial agitation in place of basic historical stewardship.

That is the big takeaway from an admirably thorough new report by Brenda Hafera of the Heritage Foundation……

DeSantis gives parents and families a big school-choice victory (March 27):  Florida’s legislature and Gov. Ron DeSantis deserve a lot of credit for delivering a victory for parents and children that was more than 40 years in the making…..



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