(Official Washington Examiner editorial, Jan. 26)  In delivering caucus and primary victories to former President Donald Trump, Republican voters seem poised to grant the wishes of Trump’s presumed opponent, President Joe Biden. The president and his party see Trump as an easy mark, or at least easier to beat than other Republicans. We hope, even at this late hour, the GOP declines to nominate Trump.

The regime of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris has been a divisive disaster and does not deserve a second term. What Biden and his appointees have wrought are illiberal and undemocratic and arguably anti-constitutional.

Biden’s encouragement of massive illegal immigration that long ago metastasized from crisis into tragedy. America was built on the idea of a social compact in which citizens embrace liberty under laws created through representative consent; there should be no place for those who flout that compact and reject consent by violating the law at the moment of their arrival. No liberal humanitarianism should encourage them to come.

With more than 10 million illegal border crossings in three years, 2 million “released” into the U.S. heartland without realistic means of their eventual removal, more than 300,000 unaccompanied children entering with no means of support, and more than 500 people dying each year trying to cross, the border catastrophe alone should disqualify the president from re-election.

Just as the border crisis is a threat to national security, so are Biden’s feckless foreign policies. The botched scramble from Afghanistan was perhaps the most embarrassing cluster-foul-up in U.S. diplomatic history. It also emboldened foreign adversaries worldwide. U.S. interests have also been hurt by Biden’s refusal to get tough enough with Iran, by his repeated dithering about which weapons to send to Ukraine in the first year after Russia invaded, and by his opposition to pay raises for enlisted military personnel even in the face of major recruitment difficulties.

His economic record is atrocious…. All those misguided Biden policies, though, fit within the usual bounds of liberal-Democratic Party orthodoxy. Where Biden has lurched into truly radical and divisive actions is in his full embrace of the hard Left’s social agenda and his weaponization of the federal bureaucracy and Justice Department…. [The full editorial is at this link.]



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