(Jan. 24) Just for the record, against the woke inversion and perversion of reality, here are things I don’t just believe but insist to be true or wise, or both. So sue me.

Gender and sex (the state of being, not the act) are the same thing. Except in the case of vanishingly rare chromosomal abnormalities, sex is determined at birth by simple anatomical observation.

The act of sex, along with any ceremony and customs related to it, such as a wedding, is essentially a private matter as long as choices are free, public health isn’t menaced, and minors aren’t involved. The state has no business forcing any third party to participate in or endorse any activity pertaining thereto. Sex acts in public are a different matter, and may reasonably be regulated by the state.

Skin color and ethnicity have nothing to do with character. Skin color and ethnicity have nothing to do with inherent guilt. They also have nothing to do with inherent predilections toward economic systems or codes of behavior or values or work ethic. Public laws should make no distinctions, none at all, based on race. Public policy should be colorblind. Colorblindness is not racism, and indeed is the very definition of non-racism. Racism is attitudinal, not a matter of “power relations.” There is no such thing as “whiteness” in terms of character or personality, although house-paint colors can be said, roughly speaking, to show various shades of whiteness. We are not collectively or individually responsible for the sins or accomplishments of our ancestors. We are not collectively or individually meritorious because of the sufferings of our ancestors. We are individual human beings, responsible for our own choices, our own flaws, and our own actions.

Absent clear cases of abuse or abandonment, parents own ultimate responsibility and ultimate authority for the upbringing of their children. … [The full column is at this link.]


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