(Jan. 28) Where, pray tell, is the FBI investigation into presidential son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings?

As indefatigable investigative reporter Peter Schweizer is now confirming, the Biden family appears to have profited by some $31 million in business dealings in China alone, all of them “with direct ties to Chinese intelligence.” And this is just one tentacle of the international-business octopus that in 2019 was dubbed “Biden, Inc.

Of course, that was back when the establishment media weren’t energetically looking away from what the same publication’s subheadline aptly described as “How ‘Middle Class’ Joe’s family cashed in.”

All along, meanwhile, President Joe Biden and his spokespeople have prevaricated or produced smoke screens about the president’s involvement with his son’s overseas profiteering. The elder Biden had pictures taken with dodgy foreign “businessmen” he originally claimed never to have met. And the evidence supports claims that he was in the loop for Hunter’s business dealings with Chinese entities through a business partner named Tony Bobulinski — and for Hunter’s now-infamous dealings with the Ukraine-centered Burisma energy company.

Of course, the elder Biden, when vice president, directly assisted his son’s business dealings by using Air Force Two as if it were his son’s private charter to meet with businesses connected to the Communist Chinese Party’s regime. In fall 2020, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin issued a report detailing a whole series of questionable business dealings by Hunter Biden with entities in China, Ukraine, and Russia. Joe Biden and his staff ignored repeated warnings from U.S. diplomatic officials that his son’s dealings could compromise him.

And earlier this month, Grassley and Johnson rightly demanded the Secret Service’s full travel records on Hunter Biden and accused it of “inappropriate redactions” from it. They asked particularly about a trip planned to Kazakhstan that may have included a meeting with a “good friend” of Hunter Biden who was arrested at the beginning of this year…. [Read the rest of this column right here.]


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