Three columns, featured in chronological order, using basic logic to explain why it’s outrageous to refuse to take seriously the stories about the Hunter Biden emails — and, more importantly, what they say about his father Joe. (Links to full pieces embedded in headlines.)

Media commits malpractice by ignoring the Biden email story (Oct. 15):

The New York Post story alleging additional nefarious doings among the Biden family and Ukrainian entities put nearly as great an onus on the establishment media as it does on the Bidens.

Yes, let’s stipulate that the involvement of President Trump’s political henchman Rudy Giuliani in the provenance of the Post’s story makes the anti-Biden report immediately suspect. Still, the simple reality is that there’s ample reason, both internal to the alleged emails in question and regarding other things we know about the Bidens’ practices, that make the story plausible….

More reasons this story is eminently believable (Oct. 15): It is not Joe Biden’s fault that his son, Hunter, is a whoremongering crackhead. It is not his fault that Hunter, for years, has engaged in shady business dealings.

But it is most certainly the father’s fault that he directly abetted some of Hunter’s shady business dealings, and it is his fault if he lied about his knowledge of or aid in those dealings.

Worse, it is more than his fault, but also a corruption of his duty to the public, that then-Vice President Joe Biden assisted his son’s unethical profiteering in ways that clearly undermined America’s diplomatic standing and that could potentially help undermine U.S. security….

The hard-drive controversy is about Joe as much as about Hunter (Oct. 16): Most people are missing two key points about the story regarding Hunter Biden’s alleged hard drive. First, the relevant parts of the story are not about Hunter but about his father, Joe. Second, there is a high likelihood that the bulk of the materials from the supposed Biden computer are real.

If these materials are a fraud, they amount to one even more extensive, more diabolical, and far more difficult to pull off successfully than what was heretofore the greatest hoax of the last 100 years, namely the Hitler diaries scam of 1983….


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