By Quin Hillyer at the Washington Examiner, (with a rebuttal below it);

So much winning. Such great deals. We’re gonna love his great deals, really we are. Everybody says so. He’ll start with healthcare. He guarantees it.

Gee, does anybody still believe President Trump’s poppycock?

There’s lots of blame to share for the current collapse of efforts to replace Obamacare. But nobody comes close to deserving as much blame as Trump.

Never in the 40 years I’ve been involved in politics, and never that comes to mind from my extensive study of post-World War II government, have we seen a president so little in charge, so little engaged, and so pathetically ineffective, in an attempt to pass a major piece of domestic legislation that the president supposedly supports.

Trump made not a single major speech to the nation to discuss Obamacare replacement. He made no effort to explain to the public why the Republicans’ basic approach would make the system better for individuals or for the nation as a whole. He did not try to persuade the public to weigh in with their senators, and didn’t make the case for the urgency of reform.

Trump, by accounts too numerous to discount, never came close to learning even the broad details of the issues involved. (Nobody expects a president to delve into the policy weeds, but even the famously big-picture-aficionado Ronald Reagan made himself far more conversant on details of his major legislation than Trump has with healthcare.) On sub-issues big and small, he never even seemed to know when he was directly controverting his own earlier positions….

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Note: Bright conservative columnist Guy Benson disagrees. He says not to blame Trump, and he makes some good points, too. (As I noted, there is plenty of blame to go around.) Read Guy’s column here.


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