(Official Washington Examiner editorial, July 31)  The Left’s long-standing effort to substitute government power for parental authority is picking up ominous strength, as signified by the trend toward state-ordered mutilation of minor children through sex-change surgeries, even over parental objections.

Now the Journal of Medical Ethics is giving credence to this monstrosity by publishing a piece arguing parents should “lose veto power” over most transition-related pediatric care. As John Stonestreet of the faith-based Colson Center summarizes it, the journal article posits that parents “shouldn’t even be allowed into the conversation.”

This isn’t just some theory or story about people using annoying pronouns. This is real — state governments on the West Coast are grievously abusing the rights of parents to protect their children.

California’s insurance commissioner has decreed insurers must pay for mastectomies, even for children, reasoning that for biological females with “gender dysphoria,” female breasts are “abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, infection, tumors, or disease.” Note this insane, anti-science language treating female breasts as a disease.

Even worse, as reported in June by Abigail Shrier at City Journal, “Laws in California, Oregon, and Washington place troubled minor teens as young as 13 in the driver’s seat when it comes to their own mental health care — including ‘gender affirming’ care — and renders parents powerless to stop them.”

Shrier’s report recounts several real-life horror stories of parents in those states whose children were barely saved from irreversible, life-altering (and likely life-ruining) mutilation only due to extraordinary parental action.

Some of these families literally had to flee the state to escape the government’s commissars of transgenderism. And many of these stories leave ample grounds for doubt these children are genuinely suffering from gender identity disorders…. [To read the rest of this editorial about truly horrific developments, please follow this link.]


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