Biden murders logic in his speech against guns (June 3): It is no surprise that President Joe Biden is broadly wrongheaded and also flagrantly dishonest on the subject of guns. On a simpler level, though, he is just flat-out illogical.

First, rather than belabor the “flagrantly dishonest” part of the equation, please let me refer you to today’s piece by Dan McLaughlin at National Review Online. He demonstrates beyond any doubt — as a matter of fact, not opinion — that Biden lied Thursday night in claiming that gun manufacturers have “special protections” as “the only industry in this country” that has immunity from lawsuits when, in McLaughlin’s words, “its product is lawfully sold and used as designed.”…

Here’s where Biden’s supreme defect of logic comes in.

Product liability suits are not supposed to succeed against legal products that are not defective and for which the company’s marketing has not been deceitful. If a nondefective product is legal and the manufacturer has not encouraged its use in illicit ways or lied about its dangers, well, that’s why it is, yes, legal. It is not the fault of the manufacturer that a buyer uses it….

Big Tech should make amends for spiking story of Hunter Biden’s laptop (Official Washington Examiner editorial May 31): Now that the Washington Examiner has exclusively and definitively proven what everybody with logic and integrity already should have known, namely that Hunter Biden’s laptop was not a fake, we eagerly await apologies and corrective action from those who quashed the story in 2020….

Courts should stop Biden from violating the separation of powers (Official Washington Examiner editorial, May 27):

Even as a federal appeals court was ruling that the executive branch may not take the place of an independent judiciary, President Joe Biden was trying to rig the game the other way. He is playing a dangerous anti-democracy game that must be stopped.

On May 18, the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in the case of Jarkesy v. Securities and Exchange Commission . George Jarkesy was accused by the SEC of securities fraud, an SEC administrative law judge, not a real judge but a bureaucrat, found him guilty, and the SEC commissioners affirmed the decision. Jarkesy was never allowed to present his defense in an actual court of law….


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