Why should we even care if Trump is arrested? (April 4):  This whole Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels-Alvin Bragg scene is just boring. Far too many people are hyperventilating, or worse, about a cast of unworthy characters in a make-believe drama.

The three main actors, the very embodiments of one-trick ponies, are doing what they know how to do. Daniels seems willing to do just about anything for money and attention. Bragg campaigned on a promise to get Trump and then searched for a crime to fit the man. Trump has lived his entire life creating tawdry spectacles he can monetize and in which he can play the victim. By now, all these acts are throat-cloggingly stale….

Louisiana story: We already knew all about Stormy and Trump (April 2): 

EXCLUSIVE — With the political world obsessed with the seemingly questionable indictment in New York of former President Donald Trump, here’s what puzzles me: Why did Trump pay off somebody to keep quiet something that was already prominently in the public domain?

The whole transaction between Trump’s lawyer and porn performer Stormy Daniels was weird. A full five years before the payoff, almost the entirety of Daniels’ tale was published online in an entertainment-focused publication called In Touch. And even then, she had been telling it openly for five years, including to Democratic consultants in 2009 during an “exploratory” tour for a putative U.S. Senate campaign. That 2009 story is rather amusing, in a wacky “only in Louisiana” way. ….

The entire timing of the Trump case is wrong (April 5): Former President Donald Trump is almost assuredly guilty of doing the things of which Tuesday’s indictment accuses him, but he and the public still are getting a raw deal on both ends.

The problem, in two ways, is that the timing is all wrong.

On the front end, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has not adequately explained his theory on why the five-year statute of limitations hasn’t expired on the charges against Trump…..


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