All by Quin Hillyer in the Washington Examiner (link to full articles embedded in the headlines):

Bless Lara Logan (formerly of CBS) for calling out liberal media bias

Serious praise should go to the famously brave CBS reporter, Lara Logan, for telling the truth in a recent interview, in saying that the media both nationally and internationally is hideously biased leftward.

“The media everywhere is mostly liberal,” Logan told podcaster Mike Ritland, citing her 30 years in professional journalism. “In this country, 85 percent of journalists are registered Democrats …. I always joke that another 14 percent were too lazy to register, and that there’s maybe one percent that is on the Right.”…. [later in the piece:] …“Although the media has always been historically always been left-leaning,” she said, “we’ve abandoned our pretense, or at least the effort, to be objective today … That means we’ve become political activists in a sense and, some could argue, propagandists.”…

Dems’ hypocrisy should stop media’s yearbook witch hunts

Democrats in Virginia have set a new standard: There is a tacit statute of limitations that applies for youthful and even young adult stupidity.

If Democrats ever again try to use school yearbooks and similar ephemera to attack a conservative candidate or nominee, may every one of the accusers spend double time in painful purgatory. Here on earth, meanwhile, may they and not the accused be shunned from decent society….

The Left and media tell lies against voter ID laws:

The liberal media that loves to babble about “vote suppression” largely ignored a key report last week concluding that voter ID laws do not, repeat, do not, deter eligible people from voting.

On the flip side, an ongoing case in North Carolina helps show that conservative concerns about the fraud-inducing possibilities of a practice known as “vote harvesting” are probably quite valid…..