The only thing that connects these pieces is that they are all about nice people. Please do follow the link embedded in each headline to read the full column for each.

Walter Mondale was a good man who served his country faithfully (April 20): From this conservative’s standpoint, Walter Mondale was wrong on almost every issue imaginable. Nonetheless, the former vice president, who died Monday at age 93, was a thoroughly decent man and a dedicated public servant: an honorable, old-school liberal and a patriot. Today’s political world could use more of his style of politician….

As Fox News Sunday celebrates 25th birthday, let us remember Tony Snow (April 25): As Fox News Sunday this week celebrated its 25th anniversary, it spent part of its “look back” segment crediting the late Tony Snow for his role as the show’s first, extremely winsome host. … Herewith, some personal memories of Tony….

Of cops and rabbits, and of communal bonds (April 15): From Texas, here’s a tale not of cops and robbers, but of cops and rabbits.

The story began with tragedy. On March 26, Texas state trooper Chad Walker pulled over to help a stranded motorist in Limestone County, only to have the motorist, an obviously disturbed young man, open fire on Walker before later driving off and killing himself. Walker, the grandson of the former longtime county sheriff, did not survive.

The next day was supposed to be a happy day of excitement in the Walker home. It was the county fair, and the trooper’s young daughters had rabbits they would be selling.

If you’ve been to Texas, you know livestock shows are a big deal. The most prized rabbits can sell for $1,500 at auction. When the Walker rabbits went on sale, the crowd knew the tragic story. Bidding kept going all the way up to $7,000…. [And the story kept getting better!]…


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