Two semi-related pieces on vote fraud. To read the full columns, please follow the links embedded in each headline.

Delta chief is way out of line with counter-factual criticism of Georgia voting law (April 1):

With Delta acting all alpha against the state of Georgia and Coke going woke, it’s time to slap back at companies that politicize themselves — especially when they do so in service of a horrid lie.

Delta and Coke are two of Georgia’s biggest corporations. The chief executives of both have slammed Georgia’s new voting law, spreading the pernicious falsehood that the law is a form of voter suppression. Both chief executives should stick to business, and otherwise, shut up.

Yes, shut up.

The truth is that in some ways, Georgia’s law actually expands the opportunities for people to vote. In others it merely adopts ballot-security measures that have been prevalent for decades, without controversy, in many states across the nation, including heavily Democratic states such as President Joe Biden’s own Delaware. Despite the entire establishment media hyping the lie that the law “restricts” legitimate voting, or that it somehow has racist implications, the reality is that it contains a rather standard-issue set of reforms aimed at improving efficiency, security, and reliability in the electoral process….

Yes, voter fraud does swing election results (April 7): The New York Times has adopted wholesale the Democratic Party’s line on voter fraud and election laws and isn’t trying to hide it. David Leonhardt, in his April 7 newsletter, flatly misled his readers, favoring narrative over facts.

Leonhardt wrote, as if undisputed fact, the following false assertion: “Voter fraud is exceedingly rare. There is no reason to believe it has determined the outcome of a single U.S. election in decades.”

No reason? None?

Just two years ago, North Carolina had to re-do its 9th District congressional election because of (Republican) voter fraud. Last month, a judge ordered a new election in a Mississippi alderman race because of voter fraud….


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