By Quin Hillyer

Donald Trump’s manhood is obviously in bankruptcy.

Fox News host Megyn Kelly is no shrinking violet, but really: If Trump can’t handle her perfectly legitimate, straightforward questions without resorting to the crassest of schoolboy responses, then he’s no tougher than a partially toasted marshmallow. Judging from Trump’s shrieks of wounded ego, he’d probably run crying home to momma if a three-year-old girl with bows on her hair called him a “meanie” and made angry faces at him.

This is par for the course from a man who inherited all the wealth of Richie Rich but acts as if he personally invented money. Probably half the Junior Achievement students in the country could take an inherited $400 million and plaster their names all over ugly buildings, even without needing to hire enough lawyers to figure out how to game bankruptcy laws so as to walk away four times while leaving not just lenders but plenty of small-business vendors high, dry, and undeservedly hurting.

Judging from the nonsense that spews from this man’s blowhole, if his brain were ink, it wouldn’t dot an ‘I.’

His supporters say, though, that they admire him for at least “telling it straight,” saying whatever his feeble mind happens to think. Even that isn’t true, though: Trump doesn’t say what he believes; he says whatever he thinks people want to hear or, if that doesn’t work, whatever will bring him the most attention.

This is a man who first rocketed to the top of the polls by talking tough against illegal immigrants. Yet less than three years ago he was blaming Mitt Romney for not being nice enough to illegals – and he, Trump, was suggesting that the United States should provide a “path” to citizenship not just for 11 million illegals, but 30 million.

Trump is a chameleon, a charlatan, and a certifiable con-man. He pretends to be conservative, but (as has been amply documented) he has a long, long record of being anti-gun, pro-abortion “rights,” pro-taxes, pro-socialized medicine, for even more abusively expanded powers of government to confiscate private land, for massive government spending (he supported Barack Obama’s 2009 “stimulus” that stimulated almost nothing but government debt), and for the most leftist of politicians – giving well over half a million dollars to the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Anthony Wiener, Edolphus Towns, and a host of other of liberal louts who like nothing better than to tax and regulate ordinary Americans into subservience to big-government busy-bodies.

Trump has played footsie with the mob so often that even his socks may be subject to omerta restrictions. He has vulgarized the culture in a way even Madonna might envy. He has spent so much money trying to buy (or at least rent) politicians that he is a walking advertisement for corporate-political cronyism. And, as Megyn Kelly’s debate question indicated, he has treated women with less respect than even Rodney Dangerfield might earn on one of his very worst days.

Trump has no proof for his claims about the Mexican government deliberately sending rapists our way (although it is true that President Obama has let loose hundreds of violent alien criminals); no remotely plausible way to get the Mexican government to pay for a wall across the border that as recently as 2012 Trump himself seemed to want to make more porous; no actual public plan to deal with illegals; no public plan to revive the American economy; no known record of saying he was wrong for advocating higher taxes, socialized medicine, and hundreds of billions of dollars of non-stimulating “stimulus” spending; and certainly nothing indicating he has embraced any limits on the power of government to take the private property of the working poor for the benefit of plutocratic wealth inheritors and squalid deal-makers like himself.

The celebrated conservative columnist John Fund this weekend at National Review Online compared Trump to the spoiled brat Douglas C. Neidermeyer from Animal House. (For those who don’t remember; Neidermeyer wasn’t one of the irresponsible but likable members of the wild fraternity; he was the obnoxious, officious, rich-boy prig who was the fraternity’s enemy, but who deflated like a Tom Brady football when facing any real challenge.)

If I wanted somebody with real strength to stand up to ISIS or Vladimir Putin, I’d take Megyn Kelly in a heartbeat over Donald Trump. A match between Trump and an international thug would probably leave Trump – and everybody he is supposed to be protecting – bruised, battered and, yes, bleeding.



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