By Quin Hillyer at NRO’s The Corner no Jan. 24;

It is surprising to me that so little attention has focused on one of the three reported finalists to be Donald Trump’s first nomination to the Supreme Court. It would not surprise me at all if that finalist, Thomas Hardiman of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, ends up as his choice. In fact, if I had to lay money, I’d lay it on him.
I’ve been doing a lot of sleuthing and some reading of tea leaves, and I’d think the odds right now are Hardiman 50 percent, Neil Gorsuch of the Tenth Circuit 40 percent, Bill Pryor of the Eleventh Circuit about 8 percent, Diane Sykes of the Seventh Circuit 1 percent, and a wild card (Trump being Trump, this can never be counted out) also at 1 percent. For purposes of this short Corner post, please understand that this educated guesstimate has nothing to do with the relative merits of each potential nominee, nor with my own preferences. (I am well known as a longtime admirer of Pryor and Sykes.) I’m using information from numerous sources…..
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