Three separate pieces stemming from the outrageously biased, anti-religious coverage the establishment media provided for the (non-) story that the vice president’s wife is teaching at a Christian school. This is why so many people hate the media, and why Trump gets away with calling even real facts “fake news.” (The links to the full stories are in the headlines.)

1. (Jan. 17.) Media leaves crucial context out of story on Karen Pence:  …. Despite many of the media summaries of the story, the allegedly obnoxious employment provision that second lady Karen Pence apparently signed is not one that demonstrates particular bias against homosexuals…. The school requires adherence to beliefs that include rejection of all forms of pre- or extramarital sex, specifically including heterosexual activity outside of marriage. It’s not homosexuality per se the school disapproves of; it’s the act of sex except as pro-sanctioned by the Bible. This may sound strange to those with oh-so-modern sensibilities, but it’s hardly invidious discrimination….

2. (Jan. 17.) The irreligious media should at least try to understand the traditionalist faithful:

The recent firestorm over the new part-time teaching job of second lady Karen Pence highlights again the deep unprofessionalism of many in the media who appear not just lacking in, but actually hostile to, traditional faith. In return, the faithful are getting very, very angry at it…. There is no problem with journalists deciding they aren’t traditionalist believers themselves, or not believers at all. There is something deeply wrong, however, with them being actively hostile to traditional faith, and even more wrong if they make not a single reasonable effort to understand it. Their attitude is a serious form of bigotry as it makes broad and negative assumptions, without foundation, about entire groups of people…..

3. (Jan. 19) Large majority feels snubbed by the media, and their feeling is justifiedIn light of Thursday’s post lamenting journalists’ toxic hostility toward people of faith, it is no surprise to see a new survey released by Pew Research on Friday showing a large majority of Americans saying the media doesn’t understand them……