(Official editorial of Washington Examiner, June 2) The establishment media continues its worse-than-shameful whitewash of all news related to Hunter Biden’s now-infamous laptop.

Late last week, the Daily Mail (London) published the most explosive revelations yet from communications recovered from the laptop of Joe Biden’s son. Yet, a quick web search indicates that except for openly conservative American outlets, no major liberal American media organization has reported a word of the new revelations.

The new information isn’t just esoterica. It goes to the very heart of the controversy that led to the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump. It also raises serious questions about the current president’s integrity and his independence from foreign influence. There can be no doubt that if the same information had emerged about a Republican president and his son, the story would be dominating the news 24 hours a day. Instead, the media continue to protect the Bidens, acting more as the family’s own press agents than as independent servants of the public’s need to know.

According to the Daily Mail, which published actual screenshots of the messages involved, then-Vice President Joe Biden met with some of Hunter Biden’s shady business associates from Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine. There are even photos that appear to be from the dinner in question at Café Milano in Georgetown. One associate, Vadym Pozharskyi, was an executive of the Burisma energy company on whose board Hunter Biden sat and about which Trump so controversially risked his whole administration.

This news directly contradicts multiple claims by Joe Biden and his team that the current president had “never spoken” to Hunter Biden “about his overseas business dealings.” Again, Joe Biden’s claims have been quite definitive — but now, they appear to be lies. Worse, Hunter Biden obviously was so aware that his father’s involvement with his foreign dealings was ethically problematic that he invented a cover story for dinner.

“The reason for the dinner is ostensibly to discuss food security,” Hunter Biden wrote to one invitee. “Dad will be there but keep that btw us for now.”…

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