Guest article by Eddie Curran at the American Media Institute;


Louis Piatt still regrets the day he signed up for Trump University. The Monroe, Iowa retiree says he was duped into squandering more than $11,000 on real estate seminars and workshops.

While Piatt lost money, Trump himself made millions. Trump University paid Donald J. Trump, the Republican presidential frontrunner, $5 million out of some $40 million received by the university from 2005 to 2010, court records show.

There are at least three active lawsuits against Trump and Trump University – one by the New York Attorney General’s Office and two related California class actions. Trump has said he has returned his $5 million in fees to the university, but the entity has yet to repay most of its former students.

Piatt, who is not a named plaintiff in these three lawsuits, filed an official complaint with Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller.

People in 11 states have filed complaints with their attorneys general. In his complaint to Iowa’s attorney general, Piatt included a letter he sent to Trump University seeking some of his money back.

Thousands of people throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico – like Piatt – say the university duped them. In lawsuits and complaints, they say they were lured to free seminars where they were pressured into paying for largely useless workshops starting at $1,495 and topping out at $35,000 for a “Gold Elite Program.”…..



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