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Bill Clinton should thank Kavanaugh for Vince Foster investigation (May 6): 

The mind boggles once again at the self-centered, mendacious irresponsibility of former President Bill Clinton.

Clinton said Sunday that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh deserved to get raked over the coals with unsubstantiated allegations of sexual assault because of Kavanaugh’s role in investigating the suicide of longtime Clinton friend Vince Foster in 1993.

This is spectacularly wrongheaded on three levels…. [Especially because:] Clinton is wrongly blaming the one man who, more than any other, definitively concluded that Foster’s death was indeed a suicide rather than a Clinton-inspired hit job. Clinton should have spent 20 years thanking Kavanaugh, not seeking revenge against him….

Bama Senate race now stranger than the Twilight Zone (May 7): Mobile, Ala. — It was barely more than a week ago when we thought the 2020 race for Senate in Alabama couldn’t get any weirder, but it already has — substantially so, in both major parties….At this rate, the Joker and the Penguin will enter the race claiming Gotham City is actually part of Alabama….

Trump’s lawyer is right to blast James Comey (May 6):

Amid a thicket of highly debatable assertions, attorney Emmet Flood makes one point in his recent letter to Attorney General William Barr that is almost indisputably correct and important. Flood, a special counsel to President Trump, complained pointedly that former FBI Director James Comey, upon being fired from the FBI, leaked “confidential information” to the press via a third party “for the proclaimed purpose of prompting a criminal investigation” involving President Trump….“Not so long ago,” Flood wrote to Barr, “the idea that a law enforcement official might provide the press with confidential governmental information” for such a purpose “would have troubled Americans of all political persuasions.” …

Trump team should stop flaying the Fed (May 6): President Trump and several of his underlings are wrong in both form and substance in verbally browbeating the Federal Reserve Board to reduce interest rates….

Trump’s malignant nonsense on trade (May 10):

President Trump on Friday placed significant taxes on American consumers, effectively invited Chinese retaliation against American exporters, and weakened China’s economy in a way which in turn will reduce American and worldwide economic growth. Then Trump had the ignorance or chutzpah, or both, to tweet that “tariffs will make our country much stronger” and, truly bizarrely, that “tariffs will bring in FAR MORE wealth to our Country.”

The president continues to peddle what is incontrovertibly a falsehood, namely that tariffs bring Chinese money into the U.S. Treasury. That’s not how tariffs work….

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