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  • Is there massive vote fraud in Texas?

    “I voted” stickers in English and Spanish, Virginia, USA, November 2014. (Organization for Security and  Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) photo.)

    Fresh on the heels of Monday’s report detailing alleged illegal vote harvesting in Minnesota, comes news of explosive affidavits filed about even worse vote harvesting in Texas. Combined with new […]

  • Hodgepodge: Five easy pieces

    Hodgepodge: Five easy pieces

    [Links to the full articles embedded in the headlines.] The Navy needs more ships, not more politics (Aug.19): The estimable radio host and columnist Hugh Hewitt is, alas, dead wrong to […]

  • Favorite Tweets

    Favorite Tweets

    Herewith, links to some of Quin’s Tweets in recent days. Vote fraud is real (ReTweeted by Quin). The Saints’ wonderful Ben Watson says family of public figures should be off […]

  • Vote fraud evidence grows

    Vote fraud evidence grows

    (Quin Hillyer, Liberty Headlines) As the political Left desperately tries to claim that the Presidential Advisory Committee on Election Integrity is a waste of time, or worse, evidence continues to mount […]

  • Liberals, media ignore obvious vote fraud

    Liberals, media ignore obvious vote fraud

    By Quin Hillyer at Liberty Headlines; Maybe fact-based observers ought to coin a new term for liberals and media mavens who say vote fraud doesn’t exist: vote fraud deniers. Christian Adams, […]


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