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  • Sunday Reflections: Advent

    Sunday Reflections: Advent

    This week’s readings are, as one obviously would expect on the first Sunday of Advent, full of a sense of anticipation. The interesting question is: anticipation of (or for)¬†what? These […]

  • Sunday Reflections: Shepherding

    Sunday Reflections: Shepherding

    Three of this week’s four readings — see here, Track 2 — involve what are by now quite familiar analogies to shepherdry. The most famous, of course, is the 23rd […]

  • Sunday Reflections, March 22

    Sunday Reflections, March 22

    The first lesson is Jeremiah, 31:31-34. The Psalm is 51:1-13. The epistle is Hebrews 5:5-10. The Gospel is John 12:20-33. There are so many threads in these readings to untie, […]


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