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  • Sunday Reflections: From lost to found

    Sunday Reflections: From lost to found

    By Quin Hillyer at PJ Media; …..[The readings from a week ago share] another commonality in addition to God’s mercy. In each case, the mercy comes only after we humans move […]

  • Sunday Reflections: Integrity

    Sunday Reflections: Integrity

    This week’s reflection comes a day late. It comes from Track 1, here. Briefly, I’d like to focus on the Psalm and on the reading from Ephesians. Both emphasize honorable […]

  • Sunday Reflections: Solomonic Virtue

    Sunday Reflections: Solomonic Virtue

    Today’s readings can be found in Track One, here. I’d like to focus on two short passages. First, from Kings, the request from Solomon to God: “Give your servant therefore […]


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