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  • Trump’s Fib-o-rama in Alabama

    Trump’s Fib-o-rama in Alabama

    By Quin Hillyer   If Donald Trump has an Achilles Heel, it might just be his propensity for lying. We’re not talking about run-of-the-mill hyperbole, of the sort he has […]

  • Possums, beavers and gars: Oh my!

    Possums, beavers and gars: Oh my!

    State Rep. Chris Pringle works to clean deadwood from the Alabama Code. Good work. And a rather humorous set of examples, if I do say so myself! It starts like […]

  • Time for Charter Schools in Alabama

    Time for Charter Schools in Alabama

    In my brand-new column for the papers (Mobile, Birmingham, Huntsville), I applaud state legislative leaders for their plans to push a bill finally allowing Alabama to join the 42 […]

  • Impressed, Not Impressed

    Impressed, Not Impressed

    Not impressed with Chris Christie. Why Louisianans should be impressed with Gov. Jindal (but aren’t). Why Louisianans should not be offended with a postcard (and not impressed with Secretary of […]


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