In these six pieces related to the Supreme Court, the link to the full column is embedded in each headline.

Why won’t AG Merrick Garland protect Supreme Court justices? (July 8): By failing to arrest and prosecute people who harass Supreme Court justices, Attorney General Merrick Garland is dangerously, almost criminally guilty of supreme dereliction of duty.

The issue arises yet again after Justice Brett Kavanaugh felt compelled to leave a Washington, D.C., steakhouse through a back door to avoid what the restaurant itself described as “unruly protesters” who “unduly harassed” not just Kavanaugh but “all of our other patrons at the restaurant.”…


No, Clarence Thomas isn’t trying to ban contraception. Seriously, get a clue, people. (June 27): [Too many journalists are too lazy and ignorant to actually read Thomas’ opinion.]…


Kavanaugh and Roberts messed up a big case on illegal immigration (July 7): Both in terms of public policy and in terms of constitutional implications, mainline conservatives may long regret the Supreme Court’s decision last week that aided the Biden administration’s massive release of illegal immigrants within America’s borders. …

Why Justice Breyer will be missed (July 1): nstitutionalists and even conservatives may find in the coming years that they really miss the presence of now-retired Justice Stephen Breyer on the Supreme Court.

By almost all accounts, Breyer was a mensch. Cordial and dedicated to collegiality and institutional stability, Breyer worked to maintain what remains of the high court’s status and its sense of itself as a less partisan and less political (even if far from entirely apolitical) institution. Attitudinally, this is important….


Supreme Court stands against bureaucratic over-reach in EPA case (June 30): … The decision was a clear but limited victory for those wanting to honor the Constitution’s separation of powers….


In case of praying football coach, Supreme Court gets it right (June 27)….




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