Gun rights aren’t vacated by unrelated marijuana use (Feb. 7): A Feb. 3 decision in an Oklahoma federal court affirms that the Second Amendment right to possess firearms may not broadly be restricted. …

Judicial nominee Nancy Abudu still should not be confirmed (Feb. 3): It would be a great sign of decency and statesmanship if President Joe Biden would stop trying to jam through the Senate the judicial nominations of radical lawyer Nancy Abudu (and perhaps one or two others). …

Police are not the enemy (Feb. 2): In the wake of the awful Memphis , Tennessee, death-by-cop case, two things can and should happen simultaneously.

First, to the extent that otherwise inexplicable disparities show police more often mistreating people of color than they mistreat white people — and the disparities exist, but they are marginal, not in overwhelming disproportion — then every effort must be made to eliminate those disparities.

Second, and more importantly, it is long past time for the media and entertainment industries to stop spreading the pernicious message that most nonwhite people have reason, in general, to fear the police. That message is not just flagrantly false but also deadly. The reactions to that message cause far more damage than the ethnically disparate treatments themselves….

After Memphis death-by-cop, let’s stop the incendiary rhetoric (Jan. 30):  …

It must first be said, and stressed, without any reservation, that absolutely no excuse can justify the brutal police behavior in the incident….

If the goal is to train police better, maybe someone needs to do a study about what, if any, commonalities exist in examples of exorbitant police violence. If some sorts of suspect behaviors tend to “set them off,” then so-called “de-escalation training” might need tweaking to focus even more on self-control in just those sorts of situations.

For that matter, the public also should be educated about what not to do, aside from the obvious point that disobeying police is a really bad idea.

Nobody in Biden-world knows why Kamala Harris is unpopular (Feb. 6)

Foreign adversaries should not own land in U.S.A. (Feb. 10)


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