About six hours before U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from any potential investigation into Russian influence on last year’s Trump campaign, I wrote a column at National Review Online urging him to do just that, while fighting back against the notion that he had deliberately misled Congress or that his integrity was compromised in any way. Sessions heard the same thing from a lot of former colleagues — and of course, being the ethical man that he is, he did exactly what he should have, and did so with grace and openness. His decision is good for the country — and it will allow him to concentrate on the rest of his important job at the Justice Department, which he will surely do quite well.

To see my reasoning, and my defense of Sessions, please read this.  — Quin


PS By the way, judging from the comments below my column, it appears that somehow many readers missed the basic point that I was defending Sessions, not accusing him, and that the recommended recusal would be good for him and the country — which is exactly what he decided, too.