Three separate posts about South Carolina Republican Tim Scott joining a smear of a judicial nominee, without giving a single specific reason. His behavior here has been shameful. The first one below was from right before he blocked the nomination, the next two after he announced he would do so.

Nominee Thomas Farr is the farthest thing from racist. … The most volatile charge against Farr is that he supposedly advised then-Sen. Jesse Helms, R-N.C., a hardline conservative, on a postcard mailer, largely to black voters, that critics labeled as “voter suppression.” What they gloss over is that at the very beginning of the effort, Farr advised not for it, but against it. I have in my possession the 1991 memo written by Justice Department lawyers urging that a voting-rights complaint against Helms’ team be pursued. On pages 13-14, it clearly says that Farr told the others in the meeting that “a postcard mailing like the mailing conducted in 1984 would not be particularly useful.” Nowhere else in the 54-page memo is there any other indication of Farr’s involvement….

Tim Scott baffles us with  complete about-face on judges

Conservatives are tremendously vexed now by Sen. Tim Scott of South Carolina.

A good politician knows not to stab his colleagues in the back. And, if on a rare occasion, he does find a truly compelling reason to change his mind after assuring colleagues and the public otherwise, he at least owes a full and cogent explanation for the change.

Scott has now reversed course twice, both times at the proverbial last minute, on whether or not to confirm judges nominated by President Trump. In both cases, critics wrongly said the nominees had troubling histories concerning racial matters. Scott, the Senate’s lone black Republican, seemed satisfied both times that the allegations were meritless, but then he switched gears and torpedoed the nominations anyway….

Scott now exacerbating myth that GOP in general is racist. …

But if Scott does not specify what those lingering questions are, which he hasn’t, and if the actual record overwhelmingly shows the criticisms of Farr to be a smear job, then Scott is blocking a superbly qualified nominee for no good reason. Worse, Scott is in effect saying that Democrats are right that Republicans don’t care about racism because every other one of his Republican colleagues and the entire conservative legal community has embraced a nominee about whom there are “lingering questions and potential past acts of discrimination.”…..

Scott still smearing a nominee, without substance.