James Madison’s Montpelier Foundation is the subject of two pieces below, the first a MAJOR investigative piece involving dozens of documents and double-digits interviewees, which was the =cover story for the Washington Examiner magazine. Montpelier has been subject to a hostile takeover, which was successful, Here is the story, and below that is one of the results. PLEASE READ THIS.

Montpelier, destroyed from within (Sept. 9):

For more than two decades the Montpelier Foundation, originally created to restore the estate of founding father James Madison and honor his legacy as constitutional progenitor, won plaudits for its fulsome efforts to thoughtfully contextualize the role slavey paid at the plantation. For race-obsessed leftist revisionists, though, that wasn’t enough.

For now, self-proclaimed “termites” have succeeded in what amounts to a slave-centric takeover of the foundation, aided by a massive media frenzy portraying the path-breaking foundation board as recalcitrant racists.

During and after the takeover, the board and staff have been riven by major turnover, the foundation’s financial health has deteriorated, and Madison’s name and the study of the Constitution both are being downgraded by current management in favor of an obsessive concentration on Montpelier’s former “enslaved community.”

Critics say this is also an attempt to seek reparations for slavery.

And that it involves the radical, discredited Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

And a not-so-secret scheme for a U.N.-inspired land grab, or at least land-use restrictions.

And, of course, a massive attempt to besmirch America’s founders, its Constitution, and its history, by using Montpelier as a beachhead for radical reinterpretations of history. To a somewhat lesser extent, leftists have succeeded in doing the same at Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.

Here’s what happened, and how….. [Again, the full original investigative piece, as published, is here.]


And here is the second piece. It’s really sad.

At home of Father of the Constitution, it was more like the ‘anti-Constitution Day.’ (Sept. 16-17):   Amid staff disruptions and swirling questions about its finances, the foundation created to honor the “Father of the Constitution” is scrambling to mark Constitution Day on Saturday with two woke, anti-Constitution panel discussions. …..[To repeat: Here.]



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