Note: A less-than-perfect legislative attempt is far different than a “betrayal” or a “sell-out.” Let’s stop the demagoguery. I explain below.

By Quin Hillyer at The Washington Examiner;

The Republican House leadership’s Obamacare replacement bill may be deeply flawed, but some of the complaints from its most conservative critics amount either to hypocrisy or to sheer ignorance combined with camera-seeking demagoguery.

Many of the bill’s flaws are sins of omission – of failure to repeal Obamacare regulations due to exaggerated or mistaken fears that those regulatory changes would not pass procedural hurdles in the Senate. Criticism on those fronts is justified.


What carries the stench of hypocrisy, though, is the hard-liners’ complaint that the bill’s “refundable tax credits” are a deal killer because they amount to a supposedly unwise government “subsidy” for healthcare. The hypocrisy lies in the fact that so many of the critics actually signed onto prior bills whose central component was a refundable tax credit – and, indeed, for years the most prominent conservative Obamacare-replacement bills have featured those credits….

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