The terrorism news gets worse: Islamic State lures Russian Muslims, by Sara A. Carter at the American Media Institute (AMI);

Also from AMI… As Nevada votes, Harry Reid counts nest egg, by Steve Miller;

Will this presidential election be the most important in American history?

Here’s an incredibly moving tribute to Justice Antonin Scalia — the man, not the jurist: Justice Scalia’s great heart, by Jeffrey Tucker by way of Ed Whelan;

And now, with apologies to those sick of the anti-Trumpism here, but it’s really important, with the “SEC primary” coming in  just one week…. Please be ruled by facts and evidence, not emotion….

After 9/11, Trump took money marked for small businesses, by Michael Warren;

Urge NBC to un-fire Trump, by Make America Awesome;

Donald Trump, Iraq Demagogue, by Carl Cannon (a second generation journalist of whom Ronald Reagan was fond, as Reagan was particularly fond of his father);

… and finally, proof that Trump, just another lying politician, has been lying about his (misguided) alleged opposition to the war in Iraq, this from AFTER the war started: “… It looks like a tremendous success,” by Andrew Kasczynsky and Christopher Massie.


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