Lots and lots of good stuff collected in the past week!…

Marco Rubio is the solid conservative who can beat Hillary Clinton, by Deroy Murdock;

Marco Rubio is plenty conservative, by Jim Geraghty;

Huckabee: You can’t ‘rationalize’ with 2016 conservatives’ ‘seething rage,’ by Steve Guest in the Daily Caller;

The rise of the Doomsday Conservatives, by Jim Geraghty;

Donald Trump’s first ad paints a dystopian nightmare, by Chris Cillizza;

Donald Trump’s strongest supporters: a certain kind of Democrat, by Nate Cohn;

Can the GOP win Pennsylvania?, by Frank Donatelli;

Facing investigations, DOJ claims the right to avoid investigations, by Hans von Spakovsky and John-Michael Seibler;

Obama’s dangerous commutation that no one noticed, by S.E. Cupp;

Worst of the Worst (awards for bad media), by judges (including Yours Truly) for the Media Research Center;

Very belatedly, from my friend Gerald Walpin (a fine public servant victimized by the Obama administration merely for doing his job), on academic freedom;

Away from politics, something heartwarming: Saved by Christmas, by Steve McCann;

… and two from the world of sports, the first about a once-and-always-(in our hearts)-Saint: Pierre Thomas emerges to play a huge role in Redskins’ win… and, in golf: Why 2016 will be the best year ever.

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