Several interesting pieces to read:

First, Soon-to-be U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions is often criticized by libertarians. Columnist Deroy Murdock is an outspoken libertarian. But Murdock comes rushing to Sessions’ defense, here.

Next, those who follow events abroad will have seen that Coalition forces have retaken East Mosul from ISIS and have just begun moving into West Mosul, too. Here’s the back story onĀ how the success was achieved.

Meanwhile, here’s a horrendous, but well reported, account of how ISIS is funding itself in the first place.

And, rather than highlight any one blog post, I highlight an entire blog. For anyone who wants terrific continuing discussion of the superb record of Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch, along with devastating evisceration of sloppy criticism and smears against Gorsuch, please follow Ed Whelan at NRO’s Bench Memos, and just scroll down.


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